the home of the 'secret' layering cardigan, the shawl & travel blanket, and the travel wrap!
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about us

created by a san franciscan well adept in the art of layering. made in california.

katherine has an extensive background in the fashion industry having worked in design, product development, and production roles for large and small retail and wholesale companies in new york and san francisco.

a note from katherine:

"the secret sweater cardigan was missing from my wardrobe. i was freezing at work but didn't want to buy or dry-clean any more cardigans to layer with my outfits. i started wearing a worn-out, ill-fitting, shrunken shrug of a sweater from my closet under a blazer. it was so hideous, however, that it was never to come out in public. but, it gave me an idea. i made sure that this garment could be hidden properly under jackets and blazers if desired, but also that it was attractive to wear over a lightweight top or a dress as well. it's also constructed with super cozy cotton & modal blended interlock fabric instead of a sweater knit material, allowing it to be cared for more easily than the typical cotton or wool cardigan sweater. it protects and extends the life of your blazers and jackets by acting as a lightweight mid-layer before coming into contact with your skin. by making it packable, it is easy to put in your purse and take with you.

and, after years of making garments and accessories overseas for major brands in the fashion industry, i wanted to make this in the u.s.a."